Sunday, September 30, 2007

Ralph Lauren Perfume Is Probably Not Worn By Ralph Lauren

You never know, but odds are Ralph Lauren does not wear of the members of his Ralph Lauren perfume line up. Like clothes, some smells seem more suitable for women than for men. Menthol, saddle leather and cigar smoke are considered masculine smells, for example. When you were a little girl, you ever put on your Dad’s Old Spice? Made you gag after a few minutes, didn’t it? The differing body chemistry of the sexes predetermines what scents are better on female pulses and what are better on male.

Some Specifics

The name behind Ralph Lauren perfumes is the same Ralph Lauren who makes all those high prices clothes – or, at least, the labels. Anyway, Ralph Lauren was not content to rest on his laurel colored jeans and looked for new ways to get into women’s pants…pockets, where the credit cards are.

Ralph Lauren perfumes come in a variety of flavors because the world is filled with a wide variety of women. Besides, one perfume cannot handle all of the moods and situations a woman might find herself in. You can choose from Ralph Lauren perfumes entitles Glamorous, Glamorous Daylight, Lauren, Romance, Polo Sport for women, Turquoise, Cool, Ralph, Ralph Rocks, Hot and Safari for women.

Where To Go

If all of this information gets your nostrils twitching, you can head on over to a fine department store or a crappy department store of your choice. You can also shop at their online branches. You can also shop at perfume specialty websites, which tend to be cheaper. The only problem is that you can’t try the Ralph Lauren perfumes before you buy. Your best bet is to go to a real world store, try a Ralph Lauren perfume there and then actually buy the stuff online.

Online shopping can be done with credit card or PayPal, depending on each store. Some online shops still take checks, whether they are real world checks or electronic checks. Before you buy, check to see that the online perfume store has a Privacy Policy and some sort of customer service phone number or email. You could also try your luck with online auction sites like eBay that often sell perfume. Ralph Lauren perfumes are very pricey. If you have your heart set on a particular Ralph Lauren perfume, wait before buying it. Or better yet, wait until your birthday, anniversary or winter holiday rolls around and get some other schmuck to buy it.

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