Sunday, September 30, 2007

Choosing To Give A Perfume Gift

There are many things to consider when choosing to give a perfume gift to a relative or friend. Careful thought should be put into this decision and then careful selection needs to be made to make sure the perfume gift is desired and useful to the recipient. Many bottles of perfume have been given over time to only sit on a shelf gathering dust. This is a sad way for any gift to end up. It is much better to take the time to find the perfect perfume gift for the special person.

What Type Of Gift To Give

One thing to consider when looking at giving a perfume gift is does the person wear perfume. Many people have allergies and sensitivities to fragrances that would make a perfume gift a bad choice. Other people may not wear fragrances routinely but may enjoy a gift that included perfumed sachets, lotion, room spray or candles. These types of gifts are nice for a person to have and use in the home as decorative items or as fragrances.

If the person does like wearing perfume then the gift should be a scent that they will appreciate and be able to use. Men often make the mistake of choosing a scent they have smelled on another person at one time or another and thinking the special person in their life will like it. This is not necessarily a smart decision. The gift giver should take the time to find out what types of scent the person likes to wear and choose either the same scent or one very similar. This will make the perfume gift a welcome item.

Types of Perfume Gifts

For a person who is not acquainted with the perfume industry the choice of perfume gifts is huge and can be overwhelming. It is important to understand the various types of fragrances that can be chosen. True perfume is usually very costly but is the most potent of all the scent strengths. The perfume bottles are small and very beautifully designed to represent the personality of the fragrance and the designer. If a person has a large budget the gift of true perfume is a very nice choice and will be appreciated.

For those who have less to spend or who do not need such a costly gift Eau de Toilette, which is eight to fifteen percent essential oil, or Eau de Cologne, which is about four percent essential oil, will prove to be a good choice. Because these types of fragrances are less potent they cost much less and will come in a larger bottle. Many perfume companies even offer a perfume gift package that will come with several small bottles of their scent in various forms. This is a very nice choice for a perfume gift.

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