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Types Of Women’s Perfume

The common person often does not understand and know about the types of women’s perfume that are available providing different fragrances for different body chemistry. By understanding and knowing about the different types of women’s perfume a person can buy and wear scents that are suited to them and will produces the positive benefits of perfumes. There are some simple basic bits of knowledge that will prove useful for the perfume buyer and wearer.

Types Of Women’s Perfume Groups

The basic breakdown of women’s perfumes is in the type of scent that is the basic ingredient. There are different smells that a perfume is created from and that will be an asset or detriment to the wearer. Perfumes can be defined as floral, oriental, woody, fresh, and fougere. These labels of perfume types are determined by the type of scent that they create and the ingredients they are created from. A basic floral will be the scent of a flower, a fresh scent will be a citrus or natural smell and a woody will be created by using the barks and oils of different woods. By understanding these simple breakdowns in the fragrances a person can choose the type of women’s perfume they want and that will blend with their body type to create a tantalizing aroma.

Types Of Women’s Perfume Strengths

The most basic type of women’s perfume strength is a true perfume. A person who wears true perfume will have an expensive small bottle of the strongest concentration of the scent. Perfume is concentration of aromatic oils that will be at least twenty percent. By using the true perfume a person will have the full essence of the fragrance offering an unmistakable aroma.

For the average person on the average day a less expensive, lower concentration of a perfume will be completely appropriate. The eau de perfume, eau de toilette, and eau de cologne will all be reduced concentrations in order of listing. These concentrations can be bought in larger quantities for less money making them affordable types of women’s perfume strengths.

Learning Types Of Women’s Perfumes

For the person who wants to learn more about women’s perfumes taking the time to study these various groups and strengths will be very useful. By looking at the more popular brand names and perfume and defining the group of scents they fall into a person can quickly determine what the fragrance will be like. Some scents are obvious as to their group. For example, Lily of the Valley is a floral. Other classic scents are well known in the perfume industry but a newcomer will need to investigate their category.

The Wholesale Perfume Is Available At Knockdown Prices If Bought In Bulk

Sometimes, it can be quite a problem figuring out just what kind of perfume would make an ideal gift for a special person in your life because the better known branded perfumes can be quite expensive and beyond everyman’s reach. However, all is not lost and it is still possible to buy a perfume at vastly reduced prices and there are even wholesale perfumes that you can buy as well as gift.

Team Up With Friends And Family

The best way to buy wholesale perfumes is to team up with friends and family and then buy perfumes in bulk because wholesale perfumes are only available in big quantities and they are available at reduced costs. So, to get your perfume at almost rock bottom prices, you will need to locate one of the many wholesale perfume outlets of which there are many. And, if you are looking to find the many wholesale perfume companies a good place to start would be to visit where are listed all the companies of interest.

Thus, you will surely come across a number of featured wholesale perfume companies including Zeldas that operates out of Kingston, New York which stocks more than four hundred designer kinds of perfumes, or you could check out Save On Scents, Inc. that are located in Brooklyn, New York that have more than fifteen hundred products that are sold at wholesale prices without any minimum orders either.

You can be sure that when looking for wholesale perfume, you would be like any other shopper that heads down to the nearest department store to find the perfume that you hope will lend it to your personality. However, even though buying wholesale perfume means affecting savings, you must still purchase a minimum number of perfume bottles that could mean buying for hundred dollars and even for thousand dollars before you get the wholesale price.

Sometimes, it is even possible to pick up wholesale perfume not from a wholesaler, but from a dealer that buys surplus stock and who buys large quantities of items that usually do not sell that much and then offers these products at wholesale prices, or even lower. Nevertheless, some of these perfumes must still be purchased in bulk if you want to avail of wholesale perfume prices.

You will find that wholesale distributors are usually available online where you can visit their web sites and pick and choose your desired perfume and pay a price for it that is affordable, and though you can save as much as fifty percent off the actual price, be sure that you mostly won’t find certain designer perfumes and you must also be aware that you could get ripped off in the bargain. So, if you must shop for wholesale perfume, do so with plenty of caution.

Ralph Lauren Perfume Is Probably Not Worn By Ralph Lauren

You never know, but odds are Ralph Lauren does not wear of the members of his Ralph Lauren perfume line up. Like clothes, some smells seem more suitable for women than for men. Menthol, saddle leather and cigar smoke are considered masculine smells, for example. When you were a little girl, you ever put on your Dad’s Old Spice? Made you gag after a few minutes, didn’t it? The differing body chemistry of the sexes predetermines what scents are better on female pulses and what are better on male.

Some Specifics

The name behind Ralph Lauren perfumes is the same Ralph Lauren who makes all those high prices clothes – or, at least, the labels. Anyway, Ralph Lauren was not content to rest on his laurel colored jeans and looked for new ways to get into women’s pants…pockets, where the credit cards are.

Ralph Lauren perfumes come in a variety of flavors because the world is filled with a wide variety of women. Besides, one perfume cannot handle all of the moods and situations a woman might find herself in. You can choose from Ralph Lauren perfumes entitles Glamorous, Glamorous Daylight, Lauren, Romance, Polo Sport for women, Turquoise, Cool, Ralph, Ralph Rocks, Hot and Safari for women.

Where To Go

If all of this information gets your nostrils twitching, you can head on over to a fine department store or a crappy department store of your choice. You can also shop at their online branches. You can also shop at perfume specialty websites, which tend to be cheaper. The only problem is that you can’t try the Ralph Lauren perfumes before you buy. Your best bet is to go to a real world store, try a Ralph Lauren perfume there and then actually buy the stuff online.

Online shopping can be done with credit card or PayPal, depending on each store. Some online shops still take checks, whether they are real world checks or electronic checks. Before you buy, check to see that the online perfume store has a Privacy Policy and some sort of customer service phone number or email. You could also try your luck with online auction sites like eBay that often sell perfume. Ralph Lauren perfumes are very pricey. If you have your heart set on a particular Ralph Lauren perfume, wait before buying it. Or better yet, wait until your birthday, anniversary or winter holiday rolls around and get some other schmuck to buy it.

Choosing To Give A Perfume Gift

There are many things to consider when choosing to give a perfume gift to a relative or friend. Careful thought should be put into this decision and then careful selection needs to be made to make sure the perfume gift is desired and useful to the recipient. Many bottles of perfume have been given over time to only sit on a shelf gathering dust. This is a sad way for any gift to end up. It is much better to take the time to find the perfect perfume gift for the special person.

What Type Of Gift To Give

One thing to consider when looking at giving a perfume gift is does the person wear perfume. Many people have allergies and sensitivities to fragrances that would make a perfume gift a bad choice. Other people may not wear fragrances routinely but may enjoy a gift that included perfumed sachets, lotion, room spray or candles. These types of gifts are nice for a person to have and use in the home as decorative items or as fragrances.

If the person does like wearing perfume then the gift should be a scent that they will appreciate and be able to use. Men often make the mistake of choosing a scent they have smelled on another person at one time or another and thinking the special person in their life will like it. This is not necessarily a smart decision. The gift giver should take the time to find out what types of scent the person likes to wear and choose either the same scent or one very similar. This will make the perfume gift a welcome item.

Types of Perfume Gifts

For a person who is not acquainted with the perfume industry the choice of perfume gifts is huge and can be overwhelming. It is important to understand the various types of fragrances that can be chosen. True perfume is usually very costly but is the most potent of all the scent strengths. The perfume bottles are small and very beautifully designed to represent the personality of the fragrance and the designer. If a person has a large budget the gift of true perfume is a very nice choice and will be appreciated.

For those who have less to spend or who do not need such a costly gift Eau de Toilette, which is eight to fifteen percent essential oil, or Eau de Cologne, which is about four percent essential oil, will prove to be a good choice. Because these types of fragrances are less potent they cost much less and will come in a larger bottle. Many perfume companies even offer a perfume gift package that will come with several small bottles of their scent in various forms. This is a very nice choice for a perfume gift.

Perfume Discount Are Popular Because They Have Quality And Affordable Price Tags Combined

Manufacturers keep the buying habits of men and women in mind when they create their range of perfumes, amongst which you will be sure to find many perfume discount that satisfies different consumer needs. In fact, the popularity of perfume discount is such that such perfumes far outsell all other types of perfumes because they are highly sought after, and if you walk into any perfume store, you won’t be able to ignore the many perfume discounts that are sure to be on sale.

Available At Online Stores

Even online stores have many perfume discount products and the reason why such perfumes are so popular can be attributed to the fact that they have great aromas which are available at pretty inexpensive prices, which makes for a very appealing product line indeed. Before purchasing perfume discount, it is a good practice to follow certain guidelines to help ensure that you not only get good value for money, but also the best scented perfumes as well.

Men and women can both find perfume discount in a number of different aromas as well as flavors and with so much to choose from, you can be sure that you will find such perfumes having a variety of ingredients that will suit every taste and desire. In fact, these perfumes are always available at reasonable prices and the demand for them never ceases and they are available in woody, fruity and many other flavors as well.

With perfume discount, you can be sure to feel sexier, fresher as well as very cool and their relaxing and pleasant fragrances helps the wearer feel better, and is it a blend of citrus or wood or herbs and even spice, there is something very appealing always available, and which are sure to be original brands and also are available from distributors of good repute.

Before selecting a particular such perfume makes sure to apply a tiny bit on your skin to see whether the perfume is suitable to your skin and besides the usual discounted perfumes, many big brand name perfumes are also available at discounted prices to ensure that those products remain competitive and also marketable. If you are looking for perfume discount, you could find them at departmental stores as well as the many online sites, and buying them will ensure the wearer a savings while getting good quality as well.

Once bought, such perfumes are usually worn for normal daily use, which is why buying just one perfume usually does not satisfy customers, and thus they buy quite a few different products which increases demand and also let manufacturers offer their products at reduced prices to ensure greater sales volumes.

Not All Perfume Bottles Are Created Equally

There is something elegant about a vanity or dresser that is lined with perfume bottles. While many wonderful fragrances come in interesting and beautiful perfume bottles, you don’t have to leave your perfumes in the perfume bottles they came in. With a little creativity, the perfume bottles that line your dresser or vanity can be as unique as you are.

Reuse Your Favorite Perfume Bottles

Often manufacturers will produce a special limited edition perfume bottle. These bottles are so pretty that it is hard to throw them away when you have finished with the perfume inside. Rather than throw them away, carefully refill them and continue using them. You don’t even have to refill them with the scent they originally came with. You can find many older novelty perfume bottles from companies such as Avon and fill them with your favorite perfume. Scour garage sales, thrift stores, antique shops, and even online auction houses to find old but interesting perfume bottles.

If you browse around an antique store, you might come across a few gorgeous atomizers or old fashioned stopper perfume bottles. Simply wash them out and let them dry for a few days before you place your new perfume in these golden oldies. It is a lot of fun to mist yourself from an atomizer that reminds you of the type your great grandmother had sitting on her vanity. When you purchase an antique bottle or atomizer, always make sure that the stopper is tight so that you perfume won’t evaporate from the bottle.

Make New Perfume Bottles

A visit to a beauty supply shop or even a glass manufacturer can score you several different looking atomizers and bottles that can be used to store perfume. If you buy a rather plain bottle, you can decorate it to your own taste. You can decoupage thin triangles of colored tissue paper to the bottle to create a stained glass look. You can paint the bottle with stained glass paint or even fabric paint for a textured look. You can even glue beads or other decorations to a perfume bottle to make it truly unique.

If you are really creative and enjoy different kinds of crafts, consider taking a glass blowing class and making your own perfume bottle from scratch. Working under the supervision of master artists you can make something that is truly beautiful and unlike anything anyone else will have or have seen.

An Antique Perfume Bottle Is A Much Treasured Possession

The numbers of different types of perfumes is quite huge which means that there is need to have at least those many different perfume bottles as well. Essentially, these bottles serve to appeal to the customer into buying the perfume and thus must be attractive and sure to catch the eye; so, it really should not surprise anyone that perfume bottling business is huge and amongst the many manufacturers of such bottles, the name of Pochet SA that is a French company stands out.

Pochet SA Is A Most Famous Bottle Maker

If you have ever bought a bottle of Givenchy, Coty, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent and Calvin Klein or any other equally famous brand of perfume, chances are that the perfume bottle has been made by Pochet which today is a company that descended from Verreries du Courval and also Pochet DeRoche that each have many years of experience in making glass and porcelain items. In fact, the first perfume bottle that contained designer perfume that was commissioned by Empress Eugenie in the year 1858 and was the work of Verreries du Courval.

The means of making a perfume bottle changed and during the thirties they began to be made by machine and most of the inspiration for such bottles seemed to come from Hollywood, while a company named Lalique that was subsequently bought by Pochet had an excellent bottle that contained the 1932 classic scent named Je Reviens that essentially resembled a skyscraper from New York and the whole thing came in a package in a chrome finished box.

Another interesting feature of the perfume bottle is that long after the scent has been used up and the fragrances are gone, the bottles, especially those from bygone days are items that are treasured even more than the scents that they held many years ago. In fact, if you are lucky enough to own an antique perfume bottle, you could well be the owner of a minor treasure that will fetch a good price and which is much sought after by bottle collectors.

So, the next time you go overseas makes sure to check out the many antique shops that may have an antique perfume bottle for you to buy. However, that is easier said than done because many of these bottles have an asking price in thousands of dollars, and so before you buy one of these bottles, you should not spend on something that is not to your liking, and if you must collect these bottles, do so with those that are to your liking so that you can enjoy them for many more years to come.

You can even find antique perfume bottles in places other than antique shops, and good places to look for them include estate as well as yard sales, flea markets and also thrift stores as well as Internet auctions.

The Proper Use Of Perfume

Perfume has been used over the centuries to inspire, delight, and arouse people’s sense of smell and thereby other desires of the human body. People all over the world have certain scents that attract them or will turn them completely off. Many people have had the experience of walking into a room where someone is wearing a strong smelling perfume and they have either gotten a headache and felt nauseous or have been drawn in by the pleasantness. It is important for anyone who uses scents to understand the proper use of perfume and be able to apply it to their own application.

The Proper Scent

A very basic thing to understand about the use of perfume is that all scents are not good for all people. Even the most expensive products will only smell their best on certain people. A person needs to take time to explore what scents are best with their body chemistry and with the desired effect of the perfume. If the scent is meant to be a pleasant smell for day to day use it will be completely different that a scent that is meant to seduce a lover.

Perfume counters at department stores are great places to smell and sample different products before buying them. A person should take the time to smell all types in the bottles and find scents that are pleasing to them. Then the person will want to try each type one at a time over several days to see which perfume blends best with their body. One thing that can help to make this process go faster is to learn to identify the category of each label. Some scents are floral, some are woody, some are blended and so forth. By determining what type of scent a person wants and defining what the different perfumes are a person can quickly eliminate many products. A professional in the industry that works at a fine perfume shop can be very helpful in this venture.

The Application

When a proper scent has been found, the person should understand how best to apply the product. It is important that a perfume be subtle and not overpowering. People who pass by should get a whiff of the pleasant smell and not be overcome by the odor. Applying a dab of fragrance to the pulse points of the wrists or neckline has always been a popular use. Others choose to spray the scent in the air and walk through so that they have a total body application. For the woman who is intent on seduction a dab of an alluring scent in the bodice area is very effective. Some scents work well when sprayed over the hair allowing them to be more true to the original scent and not mixed with the perspiration and musk of the individual.

It is important that the wearer not mix the scent with other lotions, shampoos and powders that have their own odor. These products should all be used in the unscented varieties or in the same scent as the perfume. Caution always needs to be taken to make sure the scent achieved is simple and desirable.

Let Your Nose Give Paris Hilton Perfume A Chance

Although products named after celebrities tend to hope the famous name will make the product sell better, in the case of Paris Hilton perfume, the name might actually harm sales. Paris Hilton, the unfairly beautiful female who is also richer than a Devil’s Food Cake, recently made headlines for a jail sentence where the Hilton hotel heiress acted far less than either her age or show size. Although some women reporters refused to interview Paris Hilton, they still might want to give Paris Hilton perfume a chance.

Good Reviews

On online product review sites like where real women weigh in with their views on everything made under the sun, moon and the names of stars, Paris Hilton perfume gets more compliments than insults. It is a very feminine, “girly-girl” perfume with sweet, almost cotton candy like tones. This can work with some women’s body chemistry more than others.

Paris Hilton perfume, introduced to noses worldwide in 2005 and put out by Parlux fragrances, comes in a brilliant bottle. It looks like the bastard child of the Eiffel Tower and a lamppost thrown into a plate glass window. Despite the description, it is quite interesting and can fit in with a lot of interior design instead of being hidden away in the bathroom medicine cabinet.

What Does Paris Hilton Smell Like?

Apparently, if Paris Hilton perfume is anything to go by, Paris Hilton smells like a trend-setting blend frozen apple, oak moss, freesia, mimosa, peach nectar, jasmine, sandalwood and ylang ylang. Although ylang ylang, sandalwood, freesia and apple are generally considered aphrodisiacs, Paris Hilton perfume gets an extra dose of head turning smell with human sex pheromones.

Paris Hilton perfume comes in sprays of various sizes and in gift sets which include bath and shower gel and body lotion along with the perfume. Considering how expensive some designer perfumes can be, Paris Hilton perfume one of the more affordable on the market, perhaps because it is made with more readily available ingredients.

Perfume Shopping

It is not recommended to buy a perfume scent unscented, unless you are a collector or are buying a gift for someone who knows the perfume goes well with their unique body chemistry. All good department stores and even drug stores will have tester avialble for you to try. You place a spray or wipe on one of the pulse points of your wrist and sniff. You then need to wait a few minutes as the perfume sinks into your skin. This after smell will often be different that first sniff.

A Lancôme Perfume Will Enchant You With Its Excellent Fragrance

As everyone who is interested in perfumes will know, the name Lancôme and its excellent perfumes are special and high on the list of anyone wishing to feel attractive and have the smell of a great fragrance. With a host of products, Lancôme has an enviable reputation that, along with many a best seller has taken it to the highest levels of fame and of course fortune. Proof of its excellence is readily available in the excellent Lancôme perfume called Miracle Forever that is a perfume of outstanding excellence which embodies a woman’s quest to look great and also wear an attractive smelling perfume.

A Lot To Choose From

A visit to any Lancôme outlet will always provide you with excitement because you will find a lot to choose and after a one-on-one talk with a beauty expert you should discover what you really should be looking for in the Lancôme perfume, and there are many places that you go to find your favorite Lancôme perfume including the Lancôme private home that is an exclusive boutique that provides the very best in French beauty. With the best of technology, senses will be pleasurably aroused and the flair of luxury that Lancôme perfume embodies will certainly not fail to impress you.

Among the very appealing line of Lancôme perfumes you will find a number that stand out including Hypnose that is femininity personified and which has the powerful fragrance that is sure to captivate you and with its hypnotizing effect will be hard not to buy even though it has quite an expensive price tag.

With every Lancôme perfume that you buy comes intensity as well as exotic fragrances that are quite hard to beat and they will cast a spell over you thanks to the excellent florals, spices, woods and greens that are interwoven into layers and layers of scent that are simple enchanting and very evocative. Though not quite as expensive as Hypnose, the other line of perfumes are also definitely great perfumes in them that are certainly worth buying.

The list of excellent Lancôme perfumes goes on and there is much that each different perfume has to offer including the excellent O Oui Lancôme perfume, and if you are really keen on more than just perfumes, you could very well purchase them as gift sets which means that you could buy a perfume spray, body lotion as well perhaps a body cream and even a shower gel that are all of a single type that will help ensure that you smell and feel uniformly good with a single fragrance all over your body.

Where To Find Discount Women’s Perfume

Good perfume is expensive, but with a little bit of time and effort, you can find discount women’s perfume that is as good as the stuff that goes for a hundred dollars per ounce. Just because you buy women’s perfume at a discount, doesn’t mean it isn’t any good.

Know When To Shop

Your local department store only has so much space at its perfume counter. If you shop at the right times during the year, you can find amazing discount women’s perfume. After holidays, such as Christmas, Mother’s Day, and Valentine’s Day, stores are left with perfume packaged in holiday boxes. Once the holiday is over, the packaging is no good. Many stores will deeply discount women’s perfume that is packaged for the holidays, after the holidays are over. If your store isn’t having an advertised sale, don’t be afraid to ask for a discount for purchasing holiday leftovers.

If you can stay on top of the newest trends from your favorite perfume manufacturer, you may also stumble upon some amazing women’s perfume discounts. If you know that your favorite perfume maker is about to introduce a new line or even a newly shaped bottle, you can score huge discounts on the old styles. Most stores are happy to sell the old line at a mark down to make room for the new products they are receiving.

Know What To Ask For

Many stores sell the test bottles when they get to be about half full. Often you can buy your favorite fragrances at a fraction of the cost of a new bottle. If you want to wear extremely expensive cologne but just can’t afford it, ask the cosmetics clerk to sell you the sample bottle. You might end up paying ten dollars for an ounce of perfume that costs one hundred dollars for a two ounce bottle.

Another great way to find discount women’s perfume is to buy gift baskets instead of just buying a bottle of your favorite scent. Often you will get other cosmetics such as soaps, lotions, powders, essential oils, or even several sizes of your favorite perfume in one basket for a fraction of what it would cost to buy the items all separately. Don’t worry if the gift basket contains items you won’t use. You can take those items and save money by giving them away as gifts. You can even take one gift basket and rewrap the contents to make gifts for two different friends or family members.

Finding discount women’s perfume is easy if you know where to look for the best deals.

Buying Discount Perfume

A person with a limited budget does not have to feel that they can not buy quality perfumes. There are many companies now that specialize in buying and selling discount perfumes that are the same products as the high dollar perfumes available at ritzy department stores. Discount perfumes are a great way to have a fragrance that is popular without spending hundreds of dollars. These companies are very easy to purchase from as many of them have internet stores where the items are readily available.

A quick search on an internet search engine will help produce the discount perfume products a person is looking for. A person can type in the specific perfume they are looking for and several internet stores will quickly appear that will offer the special scent at a discounted price. For a person who would like to try out several different perfumes without investing a large amount of money this is a great opportunity. A full spectrum collection of perfume can be had at a fraction of the cost.

Internet Stores

There are any number of internet stores that will prove to have good discounted perfumes available. A person will want to be cautious if the price appears to be too good to be true because there are stores that sell counterfeit perfumes rather than the real product at a discounted price. These counterfeits may look just like the real thing but are not the same product and may contain ingredients that are harmful. It is important for a buyer to make sure that the internet store they are buying from is a legitimate operation. The old saying “if it seems to be too good to be true, it probably is” applies well to this marketplace.

Some large department stores will sell discounted perfumes in an internet store. These large stores have begun to realize that the reduced overhead of an internet store versus the large store in the mall makes it easier to offer reduced prices and sale items. The stores often offer free shipping for orders over a certain dollar amount making the deal even better. Having a large company name behind the purchase will insure that the discount perfume is the legitimate product. Of course, it is always nice to support the smaller businesses that will be found on the internet and the majority of these businesses will deal in genuine brands of discounted perfumes. Whichever store a person chooses to buy from they will be happy with the ability to find name brand perfumes at a discounted price.

You Can Buy Discount Designer Perfume At Knockdown Prices Without Much Trouble

These days buying discount designer perfumes is quite fashionable and such products are desired by men as well as women who need to add some class and style to them as the use of perfumes are symbolic of elegance and also sensationalism. They are a good means of enhancing the personality of a person and also to attract other people and gifting a discount designer perfume is something that is worth a second thought.

A Proliferation In Recent Times

Perfumes have been around for a long time and one can go back to the biblical times and still find them being used and given that they were produced from natural substances it is easy to understand why women and men have used them for so long. However, with the making of perfumes taking a radically different course in the modern era, there are now more and more chemicals being used in order to create a perfume that matches certain desires. Thus, there has been a proliferation of discount designer perfumes as well because not only are they cheaper, but they lend them to being produced faster as well.

So, today one can easily pick up discount designer perfume such as Eau De Dolce Vita by Christian Dior for fewer than twenty-five dollars that has a refreshing and also flowery fragrance and it possesses the fragrance of freshly cut flowers that has a blend of aromatic woods as well as vanilla, and it is a perfume that is very well suited for wearing to the office.

In a similar vein one can buy a decent discount designer perfume such as Polo Black Cologne by Ralph Lauren for just fewer than fifteen dollars which perfume has a blend of Silver Armoise, Iced Mango and also Patchouli Noir and which is ideally suited for the style conscious male.

Most discount designer perfumes such as Light Blue by Dolce Gabbana are sure to have overwhelming fragrances that add a different dimension to life and can prove very irresistible when worn, being especially lively and totally feminine as well as resolute. All you need to do is to find a store that offers these excellent perfumes at knock down prices and a search on the Internet will throw up many options. With so much competition in finding different discount designer perfume stores, you will need to do a fair bit of searching before you find a perfume that matches your needs and which also is well priced for you.

Celebrities: The Newest Trend In Designer Perfume

Years ago, cosmetics companies were responsible for the designer perfumes that lined counters in posh department stores. Names like Estee Lauder, Chanel, and Guerlain, were all the rage and these companies would often get celebrities to endorse their designer perfumes. Now days, celebrities don’t seem to want to endorse another companies designer perfume. The rage in Hollywood is for every starlet to have her own line of designer perfumes and cosmetics.

Do The Celebrities Actually Have A Hand In Things?

The extent to which a celebrity is involved in the designer perfume that is sold in their name can vary. Some celebrities turn the design tasks over to professionals and simply give their approval on the finished products. Other celebrities are involved in the process from the conceptualization stages to the marketing of the designer perfume.

While Celine Dion says she was involved in every aspect of the development of her designer perfume, that doesn’t mean she donned a lab coat and actually mixed the vials of scent like a proverbial mad scientist. Rather she was involved in the development process that decided just what kind of scent she wanted to manufacture. She also took part in designing the bottle and the marketing of her newest line.

Jennifer Lopez is another celebrity that likes to be involved in the production of her designer perfume. Having once worked at a cosmetics counter, she knew exactly what she wanted her signature fragrance to smell like. The company that worked out the fragrance combination credits her with adding the hint of sake scent that tops off the perfume. She even had the bottle design include a pretend diamond ring or necklace on the neck in tribute to her penchant for wearing jewelry. By keeping involved with each aspect of her scent’s development, she can make sure that the perfume genuinely reflects who she is.

Paris Hilton doesn’t claim to be involved in every aspect of her perfume designs however she does take a large role in the marketing of her perfume. Without her famous face, the perfume would probably get lost amidst the many other fragrances at the local drug and discount store.

Celebrity Designer Perfumes Grow In Popularity

When celebrities, such as Elizabeth Taylor, first introduced designer perfumes decades ago, the reaction was mixed. Some critics felt that celebrity perfumes were just a fad. Today with many celebrities, such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Britney Spears, joining the ranks of perfume makers, the sales of is growing in leaps and bounds.

A Christian Dior Perfume Will Be Sure To Win Over Many A Heart

The trends in perfumes today are certainly a lot different from what they were when Cleopatra used them and when they were mostly used for religious ceremonies, and according to legend Cleopatra even managed to win over the Romans with her excellently smelling perfumes. Today, it is products such as Christian Dior perfume that are winning over peoples from all parts of the world and even though there are no new territories to conquer, such perfumes have certainly made it possible to win many a partner over.

Win Your Man Over

If a woman wants to win her man over, there would hardly be any other perfume quite as enticing as a Christian Dior perfume and even though every second day there is a new line of perfume hitting the market, staying with a tried and tested name such as Dior will stand you in good stead. Perfumes may come and go, but Christian Dior will live on and with so many appealing fragrances to choose from, you won’t be constrained for choice either.

However, before picking a particular Christian Dior perfume, makes sure that it suits your personality and you can choose from between different categories that include floral, flowery aldehydic, citrus, green, oriental, soft-oriental and also woody and watery. You will find some excellent oriental fragrances in the range of Christian Dior perfumes that are sensuous and also very exotic and which allude to mysteries unknown.

With Christian Dior perfume you should also find that the perfumes smell fresh much like greens and the often will remind the wearer of grass that has been freshly cut, pines and also herbs and it is ideal for wearing in the outdoors, and its sporty fragrance will be well appreciated as it provides a naturalness of character that is also married to a fruity and also floral note as embodied in the Christian Dior Poison perfume.

And, one must not forget mentioning the Christian Dior perfume that has floral fragrance that is certainly a very commonly found fragrance in every line of perfumes, though the Christian Dior J’Adore perfume is quite exceptional that has an ensemble of different floral notes to please the senses no end, and it can certainly remind one of the valleys and rose as well as jasmine.

So, the next time you are looking for outstanding perfumes, the name of Christian Dior will certainly figure among the best, and as the modern methods of perfume making have changed, it is only names such as Dior that are able to offer many different perfume types including J’Adore and Dior Ella to name but the best which are so compelling that they will be hard not to buy.

Three Places To Find Cheap Perfume

If you like to wear the latest perfumes manufactured by celebrities, designers, and cosmetic companies, you know that enveloping yourself in designer scents can be expensive. Many perfumes can cost hundreds of dollars for one ounce and buying additional products can run you into huge dollar figures. Designer perfume doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. If you know the right places to shop, you can find expensive perfume cheap.

Find Cheap Perfume By Shopping In The Right Places

If you want to buy cheap perfume, skip the department stores. Unless you hit a sale at the department stores, you will pay exorbitant amounts for name brand perfumes. Instead of hitting the cosmetics counter at the mall department stores, visit a perfume outlet.

Many malls now contain perfume outlets, but if your local mall doesn’t contain a perfume outlet, take time to drive to an outlet mall and you will be pleased at how much money you can save. Most perfume outlets sell designer perfume cheap. They might not have a lot of additional products made from your favorite scent, but you can usually find most brands of cologne or perfume from thirty to seventy percent off. Just make sure you are buying the actual designer brand and not a knock off. While a knock off can smell very much like the brand you know and love, it usually has a much higher alcohol content, causing the scent to wear off sooner and the perfume to go flat.

Discount stores that sell department store seconds and last year’s fashions are also great places to find cheap perfume. You can always find a wide selection of designer perfume cheap at stores such as Ross, Marshalls, and TJ Maxx. Because these perfumes are not locked behind cosmetic counters, always open the box to make sure that you are buying a full bottle.

Online auction sites such as E bay are great places to find fantastic deals on name brand perfume. Many people will sell a perfume that they got as a gift, but that they don’t particularly like on auction sites. Usually, these sellers are just happy to get any amount of money for the perfume that they don’t want and you can score very expensive fragrances at extremely low prices.

Never pay full price for designer perfume. You can buy the best brands of perfume cheap, if you know the right places to look.

Chanel Perfume Is Synonymous Of Class And Elegance

Chanel is a name so well known in the perfume business that nearly everyone of any consequence will know about it and will recognize its distinctive logo, and there is no doubt that Chanel perfume is the very last name in quality as well as style making it amongst the most highly regarded of all perfumes. And, as every good thing must be copied, unfortunately there are also many imitations that are doing the rounds, especially in the third world countries where trademarks are not as rigidly protected as in the West.

A Brand Apart

You may well wonder what it is about Chanel perfume that sets it apart from the rest and why women cannot do without it, and the answer is easily available when one considers the vision of its founder Coco Chanel who wished for women to wear perfumes that gave them a sense of freedom and of belonging to an important part of society. Though she may not have realized just how well her vision would become reality, today there is no denying the fact that Chanel perfumes are the very epitome of perfumes.

Thus, today all the famous personalities in the world including of course the Hollywood beauties are all sporting Chanel perfume, all of which contributes to the popularity and glamour associated with such a brand of which Chanel Number 5 is a good example. Such free advertising and also the effect of celebrities endorsing Chanel perfume has made millions of women want to own a bottle of such perfume for them, thus contributing to the success of this brand even more.

So, with hundred years of experience in selling its brand, it is no accident that today everyone wants to own Chanel perfume and all that a woman needs today is to walk into a department store where there are sure to be shelves filled with Chanel perfume bottles of different sizes, fragrances and shapes.

The hugely popular Chanel No. 5 that was the brainchild of Ernest Beaux contains ylang-ylang and also neroli and blends of jasmine as well as rose makes for a very alluring perfume indeed. Though no one (outside of the company) really knows the exact blend, there is no doubting its popularity and it is believed that a bottle of Chanel No. 5 is sold once every thirty seconds. So, this product is certainly filling the coffers of its maker while proving it a huge success with the public as well.

Bvlgari Perfume: Spelled Funny, Smells Funny

All English majors in the world -- RUN! The Bvlgari perfume is going to drive you and your spellchecker insane. Sometimes, when trying to find information on Bvlgari perfume, you might have to look for “Bulgari perfume”. It in the nature of our brains to try and make order out of chaos. “Bvl” just doesn’t have a phonetic equivalent. But “Bul” does, and so perfume sellers continue to market “Bulgari perfume” even though this is a misspelling of the product.

Squeeze Me?

Bvlgari is a famous designer label, making everything from sunglasses to watches. They also, obviously, make fabulously expensive perfume. They are considered the brand you want to wear if you are nominated for an Oscar. The Bvlgari brand name is less well known than Tiffany’s, but has a more fanatical and discriminating following. Bvlgari watches, for example, are considered equal to Rolex.

Bvlgari perfume is made with expensive and hard to get ingredients like roses. Roses? Aren’t they everywhere? Well, it takes about 4000 pounds of rose petals to yield one ounce of pure essential rose oil. Any perfume with rose included is going to be very pricey just because of that. One of the most popular Bvlgari perfumes is Rose Essentielle, which is mostly made up of other scents other than rose, or no one would buy it. It also has blackberry, living mimosa, patchouli and several other flowers whose names makes this writer’s eyes cross.

Testing, Testing

One of the more realistic and fun options Bvlgari perfumes provides that many other designer perfume makers don’t is that they sell tester sized bottles. They are usually are sold online, so you need to fire up the old Google and your old noodle in order to find them. One of the stores that sells them is These bottles usually do not have the fancy designs and packaging of their larger siblings, but do you want to buy the bottle or the perfume?

Another place you can check for more economical prices on Bvlgari perfume is from online sites like eBay. You might have to deal with a used or opened bottle. Be sure to never send a seller money by wire – that usually indicates a scammer. Check the seller’s rating to read what other buyers think of the seller. Be patient and do a lot of praying. Even for expensive perfumes, when the sniffer is ready, the perfume will appear within your budget.

Oops, I Smell Britney Spears Perfume Again

You just can’t get of , can you? She’s like a bad penny. Her face keeps turning up in the media; her voice on talk shows, videos and radio. She’s even had cameos in movies such as Austin Powers: Goldmember. And now even your nose can’t get away from her – there are three Britney Spears perfumes floating around for you to run screaming into the night away from.

Ok, So I’m Not A Britney Spears Fan…

Britney Spears perfumes come in three different flavors; Curious (released 2004), Fantasy (released 2005) and In Control, the newest to the stable. Britney Spears perfumes are found in department stores and online specialty perfume stores and online department stores. You usually can find the best deals on the web – but you can’t try before you buy. Check to see if there are any return policies.

Britney Spears perfumes are made my Elizabeth Arden with complete cooperation of the star. In other words, Britney does know these are being sold in her name and is most likely getting a big slice of the perfume pie. Britney Spears is just one in a long line of celebrities diving into the world of perfumes, swimming in the same pool as Elizabeth Taylor, Prince and fellow blonde Paris Hilton.


The oldest of the Britney Spears perfume line up is Curious, a typical perfume for the non-typical female. It is packaged in a classic blue or pink perfume bottle in sort of squashed diamond shape. It is recommended for special occasions or for trying to get a good estimate on your car repair down at Hank’s Garage. It is considered a youthful, fun, flowery and yet sexy fragrance.


The middle child of the Britney Spears perfume family has an incredible marketing campaign. Going to the official website, there is gorgeous computer animation with lush, sensual colors and sparkles. It is amazing what this country spends on frivolities such as perfume. And even more amazing – someone got paid for thinking this campaign up! Perhaps making perfume look like Love Potion No.9 was someone’s Fantasy at Elizabeth Arden.

In Control

The youngest child of the Britney Spears perfume family smells perhaps more like Britney Spears recent image as temptress and siren. Its base is white vanilla, but then includes a blend of creme brule (I kid you not), loquat fruit, midnight orchid, sugared sandalwood and musk. Elizabeth Arden does not test on animals…just customers.

Angel Perfume Makes You Feel Very Heavenly

Way back in 1992, the Thierry Mugler design house came up with an excellent perfume called Angel perfume that had a fragrance that was very refreshing as well as oriental and also woody, and of course very feminine. With vanilla sandalwood blended with patchouli and a few fruity notes that contained melons, peaches, plums and fresh citrus this scent is certainly amongst the better perfumes found on the market today.

Have Compliments Paid To You

As its name implies, Angel perfume is a very , that will instantly remind one of angels in heaven and its fragrance is such that it calls for wearing it all through the day. Anyone that gets a whiff of its scent will be sure to pay compliments and most will enquire what this romantic fragrance is called, though not every fragrance suits everyone. Nevertheless, trying out Angel perfume is certainly well worth your time and money, and seeing that its designer Thierry Mugler would like to see women who are not only perfectly clad, but who also smell perfect, this is certainly a wonderful perfume that meets these ends.

In the year 1999, Thierry Mugler came up with five beauty products of great innovation that were sold under the name of Secrets D’Angel and they included sprays for the body, masks for face and hair to ensure that women not only walked in beauty, but also smelt that much more beautiful as well.

Angel perfume is sure to make a wonderful addition to any lady’s beauty makeup and once worn it will leave many pleasurable memories to not only the wearer, but also to those around the wearer. So, if you are into designer perfumes and are looking for something out of the ordinary, then Angel perfume should be your choice as it is also high up on the list of best selling perfumes and its fragrance has a lot to do with its success.

With Angel perfume, you can begin your day in heavenly fragrances that will last through the day and the wearer will feel like she is walking in heaven just like an angel. In fact, Angel perfume is the best as far as patchouli and sandalwood based perfumes is concerned and with this perfume you will be sure to love it more than you will hate it. If you have any lingering doubts about Angel perfume they will easily be dispelled when you learn that it was this perfume that toppled Chanel No. 5 from the top most position in France way back in 1998, which only shows the great appeal such a perfume has on consumers.