Sunday, September 30, 2007

Let Your Nose Give Paris Hilton Perfume A Chance

Although products named after celebrities tend to hope the famous name will make the product sell better, in the case of Paris Hilton perfume, the name might actually harm sales. Paris Hilton, the unfairly beautiful female who is also richer than a Devil’s Food Cake, recently made headlines for a jail sentence where the Hilton hotel heiress acted far less than either her age or show size. Although some women reporters refused to interview Paris Hilton, they still might want to give Paris Hilton perfume a chance.

Good Reviews

On online product review sites like where real women weigh in with their views on everything made under the sun, moon and the names of stars, Paris Hilton perfume gets more compliments than insults. It is a very feminine, “girly-girl” perfume with sweet, almost cotton candy like tones. This can work with some women’s body chemistry more than others.

Paris Hilton perfume, introduced to noses worldwide in 2005 and put out by Parlux fragrances, comes in a brilliant bottle. It looks like the bastard child of the Eiffel Tower and a lamppost thrown into a plate glass window. Despite the description, it is quite interesting and can fit in with a lot of interior design instead of being hidden away in the bathroom medicine cabinet.

What Does Paris Hilton Smell Like?

Apparently, if Paris Hilton perfume is anything to go by, Paris Hilton smells like a trend-setting blend frozen apple, oak moss, freesia, mimosa, peach nectar, jasmine, sandalwood and ylang ylang. Although ylang ylang, sandalwood, freesia and apple are generally considered aphrodisiacs, Paris Hilton perfume gets an extra dose of head turning smell with human sex pheromones.

Paris Hilton perfume comes in sprays of various sizes and in gift sets which include bath and shower gel and body lotion along with the perfume. Considering how expensive some designer perfumes can be, Paris Hilton perfume one of the more affordable on the market, perhaps because it is made with more readily available ingredients.

Perfume Shopping

It is not recommended to buy a perfume scent unscented, unless you are a collector or are buying a gift for someone who knows the perfume goes well with their unique body chemistry. All good department stores and even drug stores will have tester avialble for you to try. You place a spray or wipe on one of the pulse points of your wrist and sniff. You then need to wait a few minutes as the perfume sinks into your skin. This after smell will often be different that first sniff.

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